Artek outside the studio holding a sign reading "studio"
Screenprinting in studio
Image by Tara Moore

Huge Mumma Spice Merchant, generally known within non-formal conversation as “Huge Mumma” was established in the early 21st century as an avant-garde response to the highly woven global-knit-machine (GKM); an amalgamation of the metaphysical structure of ‘the globe’ with the tangible existence of ‘the weave’. is a collection of hand printed things.

Evolution into an explorative play homogenising the juxtaposition between the sporadic and unique, yet inherently repeatable serigraph, and the ubiquitous ‘wearable’ ultimately heralded a process of transmogrification from raw… to more. by Artek Halpern-Laurence, including collaborations with other artists and designers from Melbourne.

Current works can be found in the shop and past works and projects can be seen on the archive page.

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