4 colour print on white.


Al Elé x Huge Mumma Totes

Print design by Artek Halpern-Laurence, tote making extravaganza by Alice from Al Elé.


Printed on navy with a super special appearance on cream.


Free House

A Huge Mumma favourite. Still available in the shop.

Language Barriers

Based on a true story.
Printed on tees and tote bags.


Skater 1 8er

“hey do u want to go to skate park>?”
“yes let us go to the skate park”

Oh Boy

Absolute classic.

Walnut Dog

It’s a good one.

First designs:

‘Two Head’
and the OG Mumma tee.
The first Huge Mumma Spice Merchant t-shirts and tote bags, designed by Raff Amor and printed by Artek Halpern-Laurence.

Huge Mumma Spice Merchant: Huge Hoedown

The first actual Huge Mumma Spice Merchant thing.

A music and art night within the Montsalvat Barn Gallery which doubled as a closing event for the ‘Continuum’ exhibition by Deborah Halpern & Artek Halpern-Laurence.

Live music by The Sunken Sea, Hannah Kate, Customer (Moses Carr) and Will Robertson.

T-shirt and tote bag designs by Raff Amor, hand screenprinted posters by Artek Halpern-Laurence and outdoor projections by Hugh McSpedden.

Many thanks to all who helped make it happen and to everyone who came along!

Pre Mumma Material ~
Exercises in Hype Escalation and Retention.

Rumours of a top secret project known as ‘Huge Mumma Spice Merchant’ started circulating the grounds of Eltham High School around the beginning of 2015.

We weren’t really sure what it was going to be so when anyone asked we just said ‘coming soon’, which worked for a while, but soon started to receive replies including:

“Na na nah. I KNOW it’s a band DO NOT LIE TO ME”

“It’s literally nothing isn’t it”

“Is it a movie?”

“This is so annoying. If you tell me I won’t tell anyone.”

“I hate you”