Online Art House? What is going on?

Online Art House is a collaboration between CAYA Art Space and Huge Mumma Spice Merchant. It’s a weekly online sesh via Zoom which is open to everyone as a way of staying connected and getting creative during lockdown.

Everyone’s welcome and you can work with whatever materials you have at your disposal – pencil, textas, paint, collage, MS Paint, iPad, you name it.

The sessions run from 7:30-9pm each Wednesday and include three art prompts throughout. You’re welcome to join in on the communal prompts, or go rogue and do your own thing!

You can use the sessions however you like, that could be as dedicated time to relax, to give yourself a timed art challenge or as a space to interact with others and get outta your own head. No prior art experience is required and there’s no obligation to share what you’re working on.

Who runs the sessions?

Jordy & Giulia from CAYA and myself (Artek (from the website you’re currently reading this on)).

What else?

The sessions are free to join and you’re able to pay-as-you-feel afterwards if you’re financially able (think of it like a donation).

For all the notifications, etc. see the Huge Mumma Instagram.