‘Lime Bike’

‘Lime Bike’ by Artek Halpern-Laurence, 2022.

Stone lithograph, 22.2 x 28.8cm.

Edition of 5, numbered and signed.


Lime Bike was made in 2022 when I was traveling in and out of Melbourne to finish my uni degree. It was the first time I’d really spent time in the city since the lockdowns. This print is based off all the delivery riders and electric bikers scooting around. One night as I was eating dinner I heard a thwacking sound coming up Swanston St – as it passed me I saw it was a guy going full speed on a Lime Bike with a totally flat back wheel.
She’ll be right m8 – he was checking in to see the tyre was still attached at each set of lights.

For a longer story and videos of the litho process have a look here.

4 available